Patient Safety Awareness Week is dedicated to celebrating the role of Patient Safety Professionals and the contributions they make to improve patient outcomes and healthcare quality. It also gives us a great platform to say thank you to those professionals who have impacted our families by providing safe, effective, quality care when it was needed it most. For those of you who serve as a healthcare professional, it gives you a great opportunity to spread awareness of the importance of patient safety and thank those who have invested in you.

In our seemingly ever-changing healthcare world, it is critical that all employees and organizations make strides to understand patient safety concepts and recognize potentially hazardous conditions. Not only do healthcare professionals have to know how to react to situations as they occur, but they also have to understand what steps to take to prevent errors. As providers and leaders, we know that it takes all members of the healthcare team function efficiently, as well as ensuring all patient safety measures are taken. Utilizing the resources around us including; seeking ideas from frontline staff, networking with other professionals and organizations, and exploring and utilizing best practices from evidenced based resources is a great way to understand and align to those measures.

ASHRM, the American Society for Health Care Risk Management, has provided several resources you can utilize to recognize and celebrate Patient Safety Awareness Week – March 13-19, 2022 (PSAW22). Resources can be found on the ASHRM website HERE. Additionally, The Patient Safety Risk Management Playbook helps patient safety and risk management professionals be more knowledgeable and confident using data and risk reduction programs. Learn more HERE about this reliable resource as well during #PSAW22!

Please utilize the hashtag #PSAW22 on your social media channels to spread the word and look for resources related to #patientsafety and #riskmanagement.

We would love to hear from you. Tell us…

  • what is most meaningful about the healthcare work you do.
  • about initiatives you’re exceptionally proud of and offer lessons learned from your journey.
  • what you do to ensure patient safety at your organization.

During this special week, we’re celebrating all professionals that ensure the safety of patients as they progress through the continuum of care at our hospitals and health centers. Be on the lookout for more tools, information, and resources during the week of National Patient Safety Week 2022. Be sure to tag #PSAW22 #ASHRM and #Inspirien with your posts and stories. We are excited to hear from you!