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Vigorous Defense
If a claim arises, we are your voice and champion to defend your rights. It’s not just a claim; it’s your integrity, competency, and professionalism under attack. Ask us to go to the wall on your behalf, and we will. When we commit to fighting for our customer’s rights, everybody wins.

The Tenacity You Deserve
There are few places worse to be than the receiving end of a lawsuit. Far beyond the risk to your company, there is a lack of certainty. What happens next? What are your options? What is the best strategy to pursue?

While this event may never happen to you, know that our experience will get you through it if it does. We promise a vigorous defense that begins with a thorough exploration of the claim in question, digging for answers, and understanding every facet of the case. That way, when it comes time to defend your claim, we’re ready. Because preparation means an informed strategy, it translates into the strong defense you deserve. We give this level of attention, each and every time, regardless of the size of the account or the loss. Every claim is important to you, so it’s important to us.

The Verdict? A True Partnership
We don’t believe in shortcuts. Our posture of energetic defense might mean more work in the short term, but it means better results for our customers claim after claim. That translates into stronger partnerships. After all, if we’re there for you when you need us the most, we know you’ll be our partner for a long time to come.

Partnership. It’s what makes us different.

Looking Out for You
Inspirien doesn’t just underwrite; we keep a sharp eye out for the issues that could hurt your organization. Our services help your business remain safe and your future along with it.

Experience. Commitment. Value.
With all you offer, we believe our underwriting should make it easier for you to do business. Our underwriters have decades of experience and a commitment to deliver value. That lets you focus on patients rather than worrying about your policy.

Beyond the Policy
How do we help protect you? By going beyond the policy. As part of our relationship with you, Inspirien provides comprehensive risk mitigation, from classes to updates on the latest regulatory changes to being there with advice and innovative technologies. Our customers believe in us, which is why our relationships are so long-lasting. We offer the tools and resources to help our customers thrive, and that’s a win-win.

Prevention Pays. Big Time.
We look out for our customers. Why? Because our owners are our customers. That's why we look after your bottom line like no one else in the business.

We partner with our customers on risk, and the translates into better financial performance. At a time when healthcare providers are facing historic challenges, it might be the extra financial boost your company needs to stay healthy.

We empower you with knowledge and confidence
Today, risk drives how you operate. Yet, it is often hard to keep up with the changes in laws and regulations. That’s where we come in.

We’ll help you navigate a changing landscape. We bring timely information to you. Come to us with problems, and we can offer an experienced opinion that helps you protect patients, staff, and the bottom line.

Resources Galore!
When it comes to our healthcare business, our finger is on the pulse of the changing healthcare environment and we find ways to get this critical information to you in actionable ways. Keeping updated on the latest trends in healthcare through trade shows, partnerships, associations, and surveys, keeps us in the know. But we don’t stop there. With seminars, phone calls, associations, and tool kits, we provide you with the vital information you need in a changing landscape.

Expert Opinions You Need
We are in the relationship business. Just say the word, and we are ready to help with on-site evaluations and recommendations that reduce risk. Our representatives help with day-to-day questions about risk and are ready to help analyze performance, give performance benchmarks, and offer solutions. Personal attention is what we deliver every day.


Celebrate Success
We partner with our clients on risk. By focusing on prevention, we are the second set of eyes that help make sure small issues don’t become big problems. Collaborating to develop a plan and checking in to see progress is a great strategy, and we do it with kindness, a sense of shared goals, and a celebration of our success.

A Better Future Starts Now.
We Insure It.

Let’s get going. Contact us today. You’ll look forward to truly inspired solutions for your organization.


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