Our Culture

At Inspirien, we challenge ourselves to be better.  It’s true innovation.  It’s not for the faint of heart, but we love it.  It means challenging the norms.   It means pushing ourselves to be better. It means continuously evolving in order to meet the needs of our customers who live in a rapidly changing environment. So, we think outside the box even if it's risky.

Caring. Good Natured. Dedicated. Honest. Bold.

From the words “inspire” and “inspirit,” even our name, Inspirien, is a manifestation of how we do business. It guarantees that our customers will always be met with dedicated service, bold ideas, and a genuine desire to accomplish something better. We’re Enterprising, Innovative, and, incredibly Passionate about what we do.

Focused on the People Around the Policy

Located in the heart of Alabama, we take pride in our communities and our customers. When the hurricane hit the Gulf, we were there, donating food and clothes to those in need.  When a customer has a problem, we’re on the phone right away, ready to help.   Our mission is to be a “remarkable partner” for whatever risk lies ahead, and that means that our team has a genuine desire to make sure that our colleagues, clients, and community leave every interaction with us feeling inspired.

An Empowering Business Model

Our company is not made up of departments.  Instead, we organize around what matters most, the people who serve and the people we serve.  This is not conventional, but neither are we.  That spirit of collaboration is in everything we do, and it’s why our customers love us. Our strategy is not dictated from the top but created from within.  The result?  A commitment that holds us accountable to ourselves, to each other, and to the success of our customers.

Employee Engagement That Means Something

At Inspirien, our culture is centered on employee engagement and a mindset that every position has a profound impact on our business.  It’s a business model based on a living value system, personal leadership, and a commitment to be the best.  When it comes to taking care of each other, we have not one, but three employee-run committees dedicated to improving our culture both in and out of our home office– one for community outreach, one for wellness, and one for celebration.

A Great Place to Work (With the Credentials to Prove It!)

A lot of places can claim to be a great place to work, but we’ve got the certifications to prove it. Inspirien has been certified as a Great Place to Work since 2015. What does that mean? Check out the results of our official annual all-employee survey and see for yourself.

Get to Know Us Better

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