The insurance business isn’t usually known for innovation. We’re out to change that.

Inspiring. Visionary. Bold. That’s Inspirien. We envision a new future for insurance, one that is proactive and empowering, one that supports our customers in mitigating their risks so that they can pursue their most inspiring missions as well.

A History of Rethinking Risk
We have a long history in healthcare. In fact, we are owned by hospitals and physicians in the state of Alabama. We’ve been dedicated to helping our customers manage the rising costs associated with risk from the beginning and doing it in one of the most challenging insurance markets: healthcare. As a result, we know we have what it takes to “rethink risk” – the way it’s managed, financed, and leveraged – in a way that can help any organization achieve its goals.

What We Do
The Inspirien team are experts at risk financing and risk management. What does that mean? It means we write and sell our own insurance products, and can offer turnkey TPA services to other organizations that need support running things like their individual workers’ compensation funds, captive insurance companies, and more.

As innovators and entrepreneurs, we’re also investors in ideas and companies that have the potential to shake up our industry. We've even founded an insuretech startup.


Inspired Ideas. That's Inspirien.

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