Inspirien Innovation

Inspirien Innovation

The business of risk is changing. We’re all too happy to help it along. A group of entrepreneurs from the very start, our company was founded to provide doctors and clinicians in Alabama an alternative to the high-priced medical malpractice premiums rampant in the early 2000s. Now…what’s changed? Well, not enough as far as we’re concerned. We’re spearheading a number of initiatives that we hope will be game-changers when it comes to the way people think about, manage, and finance risk.

Innovating in Healthcare Risk

Healthcare risk is just about as high-stakes as you can get. If we think big and act big in one of our country’s most highly-regulated, expensive industries just imagine how we’d tackle other business risks. How are we pushing our industry to “Rethink Risk”?

We’re Saying Enough is Enough

It’s not often that the CEO of a medical malpractice insurance company comes out saying that the industry needs to take a risk and shift its paradigm of thinking. Read our CEO’s view of the industry, and why now more than ever it is time to “Rethink Risk” or be disrupted by those who do.

Rethink Risk

Our CEO's view of the industry

Piloting Better Risk Management

In 2017, Inspirien launched a pilot program to test a radical new approach to risk management with some of our clients. The results have been inspiring. Check out our white paper to learn more.

Starting Our Own StartUp

That’s right. We’ve been in stealth mode working with a team of tech experts to found a startup business that leverages machine learning AI to help better manage insurance claims. More details coming soon.

Have an Idea?

We’re all about taking smart risks. Get in touch with us if you want to talk about how we can disrupt the insurance industry. Our Chief Innovation Officer, Kathy Freyman, is the way in. Please send your inquiries and pitch decks to