Risk Services

A Full Suite of Risk Services

Whether it’s an in-depth consultation to evaluate your risk appetite for a captive, an on-site mock audit to prepare for the Joint Commission, or a  seminar to educate your staff on the latest in risk prevention, we’re here to help.  We ask questions that matter. We take an active role in improving your risk profile. We work with you to improve on the things that not only impact the quality of your patient care, but also the dollars and cents of your bottom line. That’s why our solutions aren’t just numbers.  They are investment options.  It’s the kind of innovative approach that leads to long-term success.

A Network You Can Depend On

Have a quick question? Just give us a call. Our attorneys, underwriting team, risk managers, and risk finance consultants are always available to share practical advice, expertise, and perspective on what’s best from a risk mitigation and regulatory compliance standpoint.

Risk Management Services 

Risk Management Training

Our seminars, educational materials, and ongoing conversations with clients all center around one objective:  keeping your patients and employees safe. We know the world keeps changing, so we stay abreast of regulatory changes and turn them into actionable items for you.  With our help, you can create the most risk-free environment possible. With a curriculum of more than 40 different classes, annual seminars, and monthly programs, we not only have your team’s continuing education covered, but your facility’s commitment to continuously improving your understanding of risk and prevention as well.

On-Site 360 Risk Assessments

We do more than just provide drive-by recommendations. Instead, we deploy members of our Risk Management and Risk Financing team to your facility to develop a comprehensive risk strategy. It’s this proactive approach that ensures success, and we work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure progress.  Results matter, and the way we see it, your success is our success.


Mock Audits

Don’t you wish you had some help preparing for your next CMS or Joint Commission Review? Inspirien Risk Consultants are available to make sure your facility isn’t missing the mark. We deploy one of our own for a ‘mock’ audit of your facility, then provide a targeted list of action items to ensure your facility’s ability to deliver safe care stays in-tact.

Inspired Quality (IQ) Program

Qualifying customers can take part in our IQ Program.  Risk Management, the term, can be a bit vague.  Inspirien has built a program focused on six critical areas of focus that has led to amazing results.  This program involves everyone in the organization, from the CEO to front line clinical staff.  Click here to read our White Paper on the pilot.

Risk Financing Services 

Risk Appetite Assessment

Every customer is different – and, oftentimes, evolving.  That is why we spend time building relationships.  What is your appetite for risk?  What are your goals for managing risk? How are these changing? We partner with our clients, and we empower them with options.  Fully insured plan?  No problem. Single or group captive?  We can do that.  When you have options, it adds up to a better, more prosperous future.


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