Cyber and Sexual Misconduct


Inspirien is pleased to bring two new products to its suite of healthcare risk protection offerings. With many products offering limited protection or even exclusions for these types of coverages, it’s important to fill these gaps to ensure you and your facility have protection in the unlikely event such an incident occurs.


It’s been said that it’s not a matter of “if ” but “when” when it comes to a cyber attack. Therefore, don’t be caught without protection from this imminent threat. Inspirien is pleased to have partnered with Cowbell to offer their Prime 100 cyber protection coverage. This policy is designed to address the diversity of today's cyber threats - not just data breaches. It includes exposures of ransom and extortion, business interruption, social engineering, and fraudulent funds transfer.

Product Highlights:

  • Standalone cyber insurance program for businesses with up to $100M in revenue
  • Ideal coverage for first-time buyers or businesses upgrading from a BOP or packaged cyber policy
  • Admitted in 46 states and D.C. Written on "A" rated paper, backed by a panel of top global reinsurers
  • Simple and easy quote and approval process
  • Risk recommendations to remediate identified exposures
  • Cyber awareness training for employees at no charge, up to 20, included with the policy

Sexual Misconduct

Incidents related to sexual abuse/molestation have devastating repercussions for victims. For insureds, especially in the healthcare industry, they can result in expensive claims, negative press coverage and damaged reputations. Inspirien is proud to partner with Amwins Global Risks to offer this protection.

Product Highlights

  • Minimum premium $3,500
  • Minimum retention $15,000
  • Limits under Facility – $250,000 to $5,000,000
  • Offering primary and excess
  • Response Services – $75,000 first dollar limit for response service fees and expenses which are in addition to the limit with the AGR Enhancement Endorsement. Offering crisis management, legal services, forensic and investigatory support, victim support, government relations
  • Risk Management and Prevention Services – dedicated Safeguard risk management website available 24/7
  • Coverage available for US and Canadian domiciled risks only

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