Employee Spotlight

Meet Wendy Shurette

Wendy is one of our Loss Control and Risk Management Consultants focusing on helping our partners identify and manage their risks, improve processes, and enhance patient care outcomes. She loves being a part of Inspirien's supportive, collaborative environment and is excited to be part of a forward-thinking team that truly wants to make a difference. Wendy believes that with effort, time, and a little ingenuity, everything is “figure-out-able”. She is always willing to lend a helping hand in any situation.

While not working, she loves to travel, practice calligraphy, knit, and crochet. If she has the opportunity, she would love to someday own her own sheep farm and make and sell her own yarn.

Inspirien employee Spotlight

Leading Us

Meet Inspirien’s management team. Industry veterans who think about possibilities, not probabilities

Margaret M. Nekic

Brandon Driscoll
Chief Business Officer

Kathy Freyman 
Chief Innovation Officer

Judith Provencher
VP Claims and Risk Management

William C. McGowin
General Counsel

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