Medical Malpractice

Inspirien offers a wide range of products and services specially built for healthcare. 

Our individual approach to your needs is what makes us special.  We are scalable.  Whether you are a physician, an allied professional, a rural hospital, or a multi-state healthcare facility, we can help.

Quick Coverage Overview

  • A wide range of policy options from fully insured to varied deductibles
  • Tailored underwriting
  • Backed with 5-times the minimum amount of operating capital
  • Reinsurance backed by AM Best "A" rated partners from Lloyd’s of London
  • Experienced claims and risk management leadership averaging over 35 years in the industry
  • Litigation oversight by experienced trial attorney
  • Above industry average success rate receiving defense verdicts for cases taken to trial


Hospital and Physician Ownership Makes a Difference

Founded in 2003 by hospitals and physicians in the state of Alabama, our company has been dedicated to helping our customers manage the rising cost of malpractice insurance from the beginning.  With a long history of excellence and a dedication to protecting our client’s reputation, we turn your insurance into more than security.  It’s the center of a remarkable partnership for whatever risk lies ahead.

We’re committed to providing the very best service and product offerings to physicians, hospitals, and allied professionals.  We remain dedicated to helping our customers manage risk and the rising cost of insurance.  Innovating new products and services while thinking of your interests at all times isn’t just something we say, it’s why we exist.

While healthcare has changed, our insistence on providing the highest level of attention to our customers, regardless of size or need remains consistent.  We were founded with a spirit of excellence and customer care, and our passion for quality and customer service carries through in every interaction.

Whether we partner with a large hospital in multiple states, a small rural hospital, a physician group, or a single healthcare professional, we provide the same consistent service to ensure that our customers receive the protection and quality service they deserve.

Going Beyond
How do we provide a remarkable relationship with our customers? Ask them, and you’ll hear some amazing stories about how we helped them meet regulatory compliance, how their operations benefited, and how their bottom line improved.

Get started with our Risk Assessment or contact one of our policy specialists today (800) 821-9605.

Our Partners

We’re only as good as the company we keep and couldn’t be any prouder to count the following organizations as integral to our day-to-day lives. From our attorneys to our reinsurers, to those with whom we have professional affiliations or who serve on our Board of Directors, thank you for adding value to the way we serve our customers.

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