We love learning through humor and hope you do as well. Although we’re sure you catch the moral of the story in this fun clip, it all boils down to these couple of truths.

  1. Yeah, the world is different, but it’s the perfect time to get back in the game. Many customers, especially healthcare buyers, haven’t had the time to focus on making sure they have the proper coverages in place or to explore the value they are getting from their current partners. With things opening back up all of us feeling the inflationary pinch, the timing is ideal to do some due diligence on insurance protection.
  2. Although there is plenty of self-service insurance technology in the world today and it works in many instances, there is still the need for an agent to guide complex risk purchases like medical malpractice and workers’ compensation protection. We would like to be the partner to help agents and their clients with these critically important coverages. We have some unique programs to differentiate us from the pack.

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