Five Tips for Effective Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

October 14, 2021Resources

Your employee is injured on the job, now what? Below are five tips for effective claims management: Always investigate after an injury. When one is reported, it is important to get complete documentation of how the employee’s injury occurred. This includes obtaining written witness statements and checking video surveillance if available. Make sure to share … Read More


September 22, 2021Uncategorized

NAHQ’s annual conference, once again offered in a virtual format, provided healthcare leaders an opportunity to learn and strengthen their personal toolbox with competencies, processes and lessons learned from others to build quality across the healthcare spectrum. Acknowledging that “it has been another year of relentless challenges and an abundance of new opportunities for delivering … Read More

Building Resiliency for Healthcare Professionals

September 16, 2021Resources, Uncategorized

With the increasing issues surrounding stress and burnout in our healthcare professionals, the Inspirien team has developed a “Building Resiliency for Healthcare Professionals” toolkit. This toolkit is designed to provide guidance to help individuals, leaders, and organizations recognize stress and burnout in their team members and offer actionable steps including prevention planning and intervention if … Read More

Market Forces Bring a Hardening Market

September 8, 2021Interviews

Inspirien sat down with London-based Simon Mills, Broker and Healthcare Practice Lead at Lockton Re, and Paul Sandi, Head of Casualty Reinsurance at Canopius Group, to discuss how a hardening market is impacting reinsurance — and vice versa. Reinsurance, or when an insurance company is itself insured, is a level of protection reserved for high-dollar … Read More

Public Health State of Emergency Issued by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

August 13, 2021News

On August 13, 2021 Governor Kay Ivey ordered Alabama under a Public Health State of Emergency with respect to COVID-19 by Proclamation. An initial State of Emergency with respect to COVID-19 was issued on March 13 and amended several times until a termination was issued July 6. Five weeks after the termination, COVID related hospitalizations … Read More

Stephanie Dozier named as Inspirien’s new Assistant VP of Underwriting

August 12, 2021Press Release

Inspirien is pleased to welcome Stephanie Dozier to the leadership team, as Assistant Vice President of Underwriting. After a successful 18 years in her previous role as Director of Underwriting for a large medical malpractice carrier, Ms. Dozier is enjoying a new professional chapter.  With Inspirien, she has found a collaborative environment where she feels … Read More

Using Agile to Meet the Needs of the Customer

August 9, 2021Articles

You might hear the term “agile” around the water cooler when discussing software projects or between different software developers, but have you heard of businesses using this type of project management style in their own business and along their employees? Probably not. Here at Inspirien we embrace what it means to be agile not just … Read More

What I Learned from Four Maternity Leaves

July 29, 2021Articles

I am a full-time working mom of 4 kids… Yep, I said 4, and they are all 6 and younger. As a working mom of 4, I learn something new every day. It’s one of the perks. And knowing that I intended to keep working full time after each child, I prioritized an extended maternity … Read More

What Have We Been Doing to Protect Our Organization and Our Partners?

July 14, 2021Articles, Resources

When making informed business decisions, no two organizations leverage data the same, and fundamentally, we must protect it at all costs. With the number of breaches increasing worldwide, the importance of cybersecurity is at an all-time high. As an organization that gathers user data, we should be asking ourselves three critical questions about security, regardless … Read More