What Have We Been Doing to Protect Our Organization and Our Partners?

July 14, 2021Articles, Resources

When making informed business decisions, no two organizations leverage data the same, and fundamentally, we must protect it at all costs. With the number of breaches increasing worldwide, the importance of cybersecurity is at an all-time high. As an organization that gathers user data, we should be asking ourselves three critical questions about security, regardless … Read More

What is Culture?

July 8, 2021Articles

At Inspirien, culture is the sum of its people. So, the way we assess the overall wellbeing of Inspirien is through the employees who drive its success. In January 2021, the company launched Inspire Success which is Inspirien’s employee performance and rewards program dedicated to creating a coaching culture that aligns collaborative discussion in ways … Read More

OSHA Issues FINAL Rule on COVID Healthcare Workplace Safety

June 28, 2021Resources

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently issued a final rule requiring healthcare employers to protect workers against on-the-job COVID-19 infection. The Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) applies only to the healthcare sector. According to OSHA, the goal of the ETS is to protect workers facing the highest COVID-19 hazards—those working in healthcare settings where suspected or … Read More

What’s The Verdict on PREP Act Immunity?

June 24, 2021Articles

The present legal landscape related to COVID-19 litigation continues to change, almost daily. There are novel theories being thrown around by all involved. One defense that is being pled by defendants is based upon PREP Act immunity. Although the PREP Act is not new, it is being used for the first time with full force … Read More

The Alabama Hospital Association – A Remarkable Partner

June 14, 2021Uncategorized

Inspirien’s mission is to be a remarkable partner for whatever risk lies ahead. More than a statement for a board room or a website, our mission is a criteria for which we measure every decision and relationship. Not only do we hold ourselves accountable, but we hold all of our vendors and partners to the … Read More

Workplace Stress and Burnout – Recognition and Prevention Webinar Recording

May 20, 2021Webinars

In an effort to be a resource for healthcare professionals, Inspirien and HWCF made a recording of our recent education webinar Workplace Stress and Burnout – Recognition and Prevention available “free” through the month of August. This webinar explores the current picture of how stress and burnout has impacted healthcare professionals across the world and … Read More

The “Halo Effect” for Healthcare Workers

April 6, 2021Articles

Some of you may be old enough to remember how people felt about Firemen and Policemen after 9/11. They were national heroes, rightfully so. People were saying “thank you” whenever they saw these heroes in person. Families were writing them personal letters or baking them chocolate chip cookies, even if they had nothing to do … Read More