The Risk of Doing Nothing

June 7, 2023Articles

The annual meetings with our customers and members of the companies managed by Inspirien (Inspirien Insurance Company and the Healthcare Workers’ Compensation Fund – HWCF) are always a special time. This year we brought both boards together to hear a presentation from Jessica DaMassa, A Health Innovation Reporter and Executive Producer of WTF Health (What … Read More

2023 HWCF Grant Recipients

May 24, 2023News

Inspirien, as manager of the Healthcare Workers’ Compensation Fund, is thrilled to share the 2023 HWCF Grant Program Recipients for projects aimed at improving employee safety and reducing workers’ compensation exposures at their facilities. This year, our recipients will collectively receive over $94K in Grant dollars, bringing our total awarded to over $438K since the … Read More

National Hospital and Nurses Week

May 11, 2023Uncategorized

Inspirien would like to take a moment to recognize our fellow healthcare workers and nurses during this month of May as we celebrate Hospital Week May 7-13 and National Nurses Month. Nurses’ week has transitioned to a month-long celebration with the American Nurses Association designating the overarching theme for the month as You Make A Difference and … Read More

Infection Prevention Risk Focus Area

May 2, 2023Resources, Webinars

“Wash your hands before eating dinner!” is something many of us grew up hearing from our parents. We may have grumbled, but we learned from an early age the importance of washing our hands. Then early in our healthcare profession, nurses learned that washing hands correctly is the single most effective way to prevent the … Read More

Violence in Healthcare: Zero Tolerance

April 28, 2023Articles, Resources

It is no secret that violence against healthcare workers has been a problem for quite some time; however, this troubling issue has grown exponentially since the start of the pandemic. Recent studies indicate that 44% of nurses reported experiencing physical violence and 68% reported experiencing verbal abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, a 2021 survey … Read More

The Case for Tort Reform in Alabama Medical Malpractice

April 17, 2023Articles, Resources

The issue: Nuclear verdicts in medical malpractice cases are occurring everywhere, and Alabama is no exception. It’s no secret that healthcare providers throughout the state are operating in the red due to low reimbursements and higher operating costs, along with other issues. Due to the nuclear verdicts, the medical malpractice premiums that healthcare providers are … Read More

Documentation Matters

February 24, 2023Resources, Webinars

When discussing medical record documentation, we often ask – is it our best defense or our worst enemy? Speaking from someone who has had to defend many clinicians, it’s a vital component of any defense strategy as it provides evidence of the patient safety protocols and the quality of care. Although it may seem like a purely … Read More

AlaHA Leadership Forum, a Sponsor’s Perspective

February 20, 2023Uncategorized

We love our customers! It’s been two years since we last attended this conference. So much has happened since we last met. It was amazing just to be “present” with our customers. I say customers, but they are so much more than that; they are our community leaders and friends! We shared a few laughs … Read More

2023 Risk Prevention Strategy

January 10, 2023Resources, Webinars

The Inspirien Risk team is excited to share the 2023 Risk Prevention Strategy with our partners and members. This strategy encompasses an organization-wide approach to identify and proactively address issues with the goal to decrease risks and improve the safety for patients, as well as the entire healthcare team. Several years ago, our team embarked on a … Read More

Workplace Violence

January 5, 2023Resources

Violence against hospital employees has increased since the start of the pandemic. Recent studies indicate that 44% of nurses reported experiencing physical violence and 68% reported experiencing verbal abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic. A 2021 survey found that 63% of respondents did not feel safe at work, and 70% reported experiencing verbal assault multiple times. According … Read More