The “Halo Effect” for Healthcare Workers

April 6, 2021Articles

Some of you may be old enough to remember how people felt about Firemen and Policemen after 9/11. They were national heroes, rightfully so. People were saying “thank you” whenever they saw these heroes in person. Families were writing them personal letters or baking them chocolate chip cookies, even if they had nothing to do … Read More

Why Your Facility Needs A Risk Prevention Strategy

March 11, 2021Articles

When you think about healthcare risk, what comes to mind; a mistake, an accident, patient harm or even death? We want to challenge the way you think about risk and shift the focus from harm to ‘prevention’. Even though we know challenging situations may occur, building an effective risk strategy for your organization is perhaps … Read More

Healthcare Cyberattacks Likely to Triple in 2021

December 4, 2020Articles

According to Black Book Research, data-rich patient files, lack of cybersecurity protocols, and outdated IT systems have influenced increased cyber threats against organizations in the healthcare and public health sectors. Black Book Market Research LLC surveyed 2,464 security professionals from 705 provider organizations for deficiencies, vulnerabilities, and gaps in cybersecurity plans for its November State … Read More

How to View Risk As A Source of Revenue

October 21, 2020Articles

“There is a general misconception as to what risk is and what it isn’t. People think it’s a bad thing, but it’s really just the difference in the actual outcome from the expected outcome, either positive or negative.” Brandon Driscoll, Chief Business Officer at Inspirien, takes a very practical standpoint on risk.  The question then … Read More

How to Connect Risk Management to Risk Financing

September 23, 2020Articles

To be a savvy navigator of a risk financing program, there are two equal-and-opposite levers to understand: managing and financing risk. The goal is to always keep these two levers in balance, pushing or pulling to achieve optimal conditions. They are typically managed by a team of clinical staff and C-suite executives who act in … Read More

How Hospitals Can Lower Their Risk While Maximizing Patient Safety

July 15, 2020Articles

Hospitals are bustling places where lives begin, end, and are saved. It takes many people in many dynamic roles to deliver care at the highest level. Care delivery is not without its risks but there are ways in which that risk can be mitigated, creating a safer environment for everybody. In a 2018 pilot study … Read More

How to Regard all Risk as Strategic

July 2, 2020Articles

Risk has quite an ominous reputation. According to Merriam Webster, risk is defined as the “possibility of loss or injury” or “something that creates or suggests a hazard.” Synonyms include “peril,” “hazard,” “gamble.” However, when it comes to Medical Malpractice and Workers Comp insurance, risk doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Its’ association has typically … Read More

Lessons Learned from NAQH Next 2019

October 17, 2019Articles

Although there’s always opportunities for improving healthcare quality, it’s reassuring to know that there are many professionals across the U.S. who are diligently working to promote processes which build and effectively promote accountability for providing quality healthcare to the communities we serve. As my teammates and I attended NAQH Next 2019, we were able to … Read More