Infection Prevention Risk Focus Area

May 2, 2023Resources, Webinars

“Wash your hands before eating dinner!” is something many of us grew up hearing from our parents. We may have grumbled, but we learned from an early age the importance of washing our hands. Then early in our healthcare profession, nurses learned that washing hands correctly is the single most effective way to prevent the … Read More

Documentation Matters

February 24, 2023Resources, Webinars

When discussing medical record documentation, we often ask – is it our best defense or our worst enemy? Speaking from someone who has had to defend many clinicians, it’s a vital component of any defense strategy as it provides evidence of the patient safety protocols and the quality of care. Although it may seem like a purely … Read More

2023 Risk Prevention Strategy

January 10, 2023Resources, Webinars

The Inspirien Risk team is excited to share the 2023 Risk Prevention Strategy with our partners and members. This strategy encompasses an organization-wide approach to identify and proactively address issues with the goal to decrease risks and improve the safety for patients, as well as the entire healthcare team. Several years ago, our team embarked on a … Read More

2022 Risk Strategy Series – Documentation Risk Focus Area

February 28, 2022Resources, Webinars

Often when discussing documentation in a medical record we ask the question, is it our best defense or worst enemy? Good documentation offers valuable insight into the quality of care provided and the patient safety measures taken at the time of care. If the notes are not clear, it can make defense of a medical professional … Read More

2022 Risk Prevention Webinar Series

January 17, 2022Resources, Webinars

Our Inspirien Risk team is excited to share our 2022 Risk Prevention Strategy with our partners and members. This process is designed to provide you with education, resources, and best practices to help you mitigate, and hopefully, prevent risks in your organization. The Strategy encompasses an organization-wide risk plan to identify and proactively address issues … Read More

HWCF Awards up to $100K in Grant Dollars in 2022

January 12, 2022Resources, Webinars

The Healthcare Workers’ Compensation Fund (HWCF), managed by Inspirien, is upping the ante in 2022 by awarding up to $100K in Grant Dollars. This is an additional $50K to help decrease the number and severity of workers’ compensation claims while also improving employee and patient safety. Since the grant program’s inception in 2017, HWCF has awarded over … Read More

Benefits of Membership in the Healthcare Worker’s Compensation Fund

December 8, 2021Webinars

Don’t let your healthcare clients miss the opportunity to earn dividends! It’s that time of year! Renewals are January 1st for Alabama Funds, and HWCF is no exception. In the video below, Jim Trull shares more on the dividends and other benefits of membership. He also goes over the Renewal Process, New Submissions and Rates for … Read More

Recognizing and Preventing Burnout in Healthcare

September 1, 2021Articles, Resources, Webinars

By Wendy Shurette, Risk Consultant for Inspirien and the Healthcare Workers’ Compensation Fund For over 20 years, I regularly heard from co-workers, “I am so burnt out”, “I need a vacation”, or “TGIF, I’m exhausted”. Healthcare workers are no strangers to burnout. With the onslaught of covid and the extended length of the pandemic, we … Read More

Workplace Stress and Burnout – Recognition and Prevention Webinar Recording

May 20, 2021Webinars

In an effort to be a resource for healthcare professionals, Inspirien and HWCF made a recording of our recent education webinar Workplace Stress and Burnout – Recognition and Prevention available “free” through the month of August. This webinar explores the current picture of how stress and burnout has impacted healthcare professionals across the world and … Read More

How to Fund Your Employee Safety Ideas

January 11, 2017Articles, Webinars

Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a hospital is one of the most hazardous places to work. In 2011 alone, U.S. hospitals, recorded 253,700 work-related injuries and illnesses, which computes to a rate of 6.8 work-related injuries and illnesses for every 100 full-time employees. Also reported is the fact that injury and illness rates in … Read More