Because healthcare is a 24/7, 365 day per year business, patients will inevitably be cared for by many providers during hospitalization and throughout their lives. This inherently creates opportunities for error when clinical information is not accurately transferred between providers.

Recognizing this problem, The Joint Commission requires all healthcare providers to “implement a standardized approach to handoff communications including an opportunity to ask and respond to questions” (2006 National Patient Safety Goal 2E). The National Patient Safety Goal also contains specific guidelines and proven processes related to the handoff process, many drawn from other high-risk industries.

The American Hospital Association Center for Health Innovation also focuses on effective patient handoffs, sharing: There are several tools and models out there that can help you make a successful handoff, but no matter which tool you use, there should be a concise yet thorough transfer of information with the opportunity to ask clarifying questions and confirm critical details.

But, even with the best tools, consistency is key. This Risk Focus Area education will center around regulatory requirements and best practices to build effective processes that consistently promote patient safety instead of leaving the opportunity for harm.

Our Handoff Communication risk focus area explores best practices to help you assess and improve your day-to-day practices. Webinar sessions will include updates on both HIPAA and EMTALA, discuss Safety Culture Principles, and explore how to effectively build Strategies for Dealing with Disruptive Behaviors.

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Inspirien’s team of Risk Consultants will offer practical resources to help you build actionable initiatives for taking that next step in the process improvement journey. This focus area is just one in the company’s Risk Prevention Series designed to help teams move strategically from a reactive to a proactive focus on risk.

These webinars and others in the company’s Risk Prevention Series are included in the benefits package for Inspirien customers and HWCF members. If you are not a customer and want to know more about Inspirien’s suite of products and services, please contact us at or call 1-800-821-9605 to speak to a member of our Risk team.