The Inspirien Risk team is excited to share the 2023 Risk Prevention Strategy with our partners and members. This strategy encompasses an organization-wide approach to identify and proactively address issues with the goal to decrease risks and improve the safety for patients, as well as the entire healthcare team.

Several years ago, our team embarked on a journey we titled Inspired Quality (IQ) to equip organizations with tools to assess and strengthen the entire portfolio of healthcare risks. Each year we evaluate the greatest areas of opportunity and update that strategic guidance.

By rethinking risk, an organization can set themselves up to move the needle in a positive manner.  Built on ‘evidenced-based’ best practices, this preventive focus supports what a healthcare facility is already doing (or should be doing) to build a culture of safety. Rethinking risk in this way encompasses process improvement and accountability that can lead to positive results for your patients and your team.

Our strategy is based on Six Focus Areas that were shared during our initial IQ pilot and have been historically linked to the bulk of medical malpractice claims. These areas of focus are relevant to healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes with equal opportunity education and process improvements that support quality outcomes for patients.

The Inspirien Risk Consultants will focus on each of the six areas for a two-month period by sharing compliance, regulatory, as well as risk prevention strategies to help provide you with actionable steps to improve risk in these areas. Additionally, we’ll also be exploring several ‘hot topics’, such as Social Media, Managing the Disruptive Patient, and Root Cause Analysis processes.

See the at-a-glance graphic for the approximate timing for each webinar. Specific dates/times will be provided closer to each session. Multiple viewing opportunities will be provided with each offering Nursing Continuing Education credits.

Detailed instructions for how to best engage your team in this opportunity are shared here.

We hope you’re excited and will join us on this journey to risk prevention. If you have questions, please reach out to our Risk Consultants @ or call 1-800-821-9605 and ask to speak to a member of our team.