The Healthcare Workers’ Compensation Fund (HWCF), managed by Inspirien, is upping the ante in 2022 by awarding up to $100K in Grant Dollars. This is an additional $50K to help decrease the number and severity of workers’ compensation claims while also improving employee and patient safety.

Since the grant program's inception in 2017, HWCF has awarded over $195K in total grant dollars. Not only does this program support the recipient but provides opportunities to share ideas across the membership so others can learn and possibly replicate these initiatives in their own facilities.

Need some ideas? Ask yourself, "Does your facility reside in a high crime area?" Submit to replace doors with key only access to badge protected locks or for the installation of security cameras at those entrances. Or "How old are the dietary carts your staff is using?" Submit to replace them with newer, lighter carts to help decrease the number of back injuries. The purpose is to provide a tangible incentive to benefit the overall health of the Fund and the employees our members represent. Think outside of the box! Any idea can be submitted if the goal is to improve employee safety.

Don’t just take our word on the benefits of the grant program. See what past recipients had to say about their projects.

“… [We submitted earlier] this year for three (3) transport chairs; the chairs were received on September 29, 2021. Because we already had a few of these chairs throughout the hospital there was no need to complete any training with the staff and the chairs were made operational immediately. Since that time, we have had no injuries associated with the transport and transferring of patients.  We have had several comments from staff about the chairs and how much easier it is to use versus a traditional wheelchair. They specifically have commented on how they no longer have to “pull and tug.” These chairs are of great value to our team, and we are so appreciative of the grant funds that have allowed us to make these purchases.”

“We received our dietary carts the latter part of July 2021 and had them in service the first of August. The new carts roll very quietly so they do not disturb our patient’s when they are resting. The dietary staff are very appreciative of the new carts, and they reported no back pain while pushing these carts.”

Interested in applying? Lisa Rawlings, HWCF Risk Consultant, is hosting a series of special webinars on January 19th and 21st to prepare you and your team for participation in the program. Click the button below for more information on how to register for one of the informational webinars and to download the application.