Healthcare Quality Week
October 20-26, 2019

Healthcare Quality Week is dedicated to celebrating the contributions professionals have made to improve healthcare quality. It also gives you a great opportunity to say thank you to those healthcare professionals who have impacted you or your family by providing quality care when you needed it the most. And, if you are one of those healthcare professionals, it gives you an opportunity to thank those who have invested in you.

With the ever-changing healthcare world and the reimbursement shift from volume to value – expectations call for not only reacting quickly to these challenging times but acting effectively and with an innovation spirit as we move to advance solutions that improve both patient and financial outcomes. As providers and leaders, we learned quickly that we can’t do it alone. We improve our organizations more effectively when we utilize the resources around us – seeking ideas from our own teams, networking with other professionals and organizations, and exploring and utilizing effective ‘best practices’.

So let’s celebrate Quality!

NAHQ, the National Association for Healthcare Quality, has provided several resources you can utilize to celebrate National Quality Week – October 20-26, 2019, in your organization. Go to and look for Healthcare Quality Week to find materials you can download and use for your social media channels and activities.

NAHQ also invites you to join other healthcare professionals on October 23rd for a complimentary webinar, Managing the Tides: Navigating Our Way to High Reliability.

During Healthcare Quality Week, we also encourage you to share your story so others may learn from you, and so you may learn from others.

  • Tell us what is most meaningful about the healthcare work you do?
  • Tell us about an initiative you’re especially proud of and offer lessons learned from your journey
  • Tell us what makes you proud to be a healthcare quality professional

Be sure to tag #NAHQ and #Inspirien with your posts and stories. We look forward to hearing from you!