Our mission at Inspirien is to ‘be a remarkable partner for whatever risk lies ahead’ – but we never imagined a time like this.  We’re all working remote, and although things have changed, we’re still just a phone call away from our hospitals.  Yes, our lives for now have changed, but we, like many people across the world, are adjusting to our new norm and finding ways to make a difference.  That’s what we want to do for you – we’ve struggled with sending information out – we don’t want to send things out too often because we know you don’t have time to read them, but we do want to make sure you know we’re still here for you and we do want to provide you with quality, effective and timely information.

We’ve compiled a list of reputable resources and have tried to make this list as user friendly as possible.  Many of these you’re already aware of, but if there’s one question or topic covered here that you don’t already have quick access to, then we’ll be doing our part with giving you the tools you need to provide the effective, quality, safe patient care that we know you provide every day.  We hope you find this useful and that if this doesn’t cover your specific question that you’ll let us know so we can be that partner who seeks to help you find the answers you need.

Accreditation & Quality Compliance Center


  • Policies and Procedures DNR and Coronovirus.doc (03/31/2020)
  • https://www.accreditationqualitycenter.com/taxonomy/term/12 - 6 Measures to Sustain the Healthcare Worker (03/24/20202)


Alabama Board of Nursing


  • Nursing roles in disaster or emergency circumstances – ABN Administrative Code §610-X-4.16
  • Licensure issues §610-X-4.19ER
Alabama Hospital Association


  • Daily ‘News Recaps from AlaHA’ – if you’re not subscribed to this, email prdept@alaha.org to request this daily update of current information.
  • COVID-19 resources including information topics - reimbursement, state and federal guidance, operational resources, Daily Snapshot (Q&A’s), as well as links to state and federal guidance resources; you do not have to be an AlaHA member to access these resources.
American Hospital Association


  • Strategic National Stockpile – ops@cdc.gov
  • Environmental Services – Association for the Health Care Environment’s [AHE] Covid-19 advisory
American Medical Association


  • ASHRM Exchange has daily updates – choose COVID-19 on scrolling topics on front page
Government Benefits


  • Provides links to Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources
  • Find federal benefits you may be eligible for in the U.S.
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services


COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Blanket Waivers for Health Care Providers - https://www.cms.gov/files/document/covid-19-emergency-declaration-waivers.pdf 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


  • Provides updates on Coronavirus cases in the U.S.
  • Provides specific resources for:
    • Travelers
    • Households
    • Pregnant Women and Children
    • People who are sick
    • Small business owners
    • Businesses
    • Schools
    • Healthcare Professionals
    • Health Departments
    • Laboratories




  • http://www.ihi.org/Topics/COVID-19
  • Resources include links to sites for the following areas
    • Links specific to COVID-19
    • Physicians and nurses
    • Hospital and healthcare administrators and leaders
    • Testing
    • Regulation and Reimbursement


  • Information related to EMTALA and other FAQs, also has a question line
  • Click Here To Download Your PDF CMS Waivers issues limited blanket waivers including EMTALA (03/31/2020)


  • Home page has COVID-19 link


  • Research information


  • Information specific to employees
  • PPE information
  • Stockpile ventilator information


  • Workplace information
  • Employee information
Society of Critical Care Medicine


  • Critical Care information from the Society of Critical Care Medicine including:
    • ICU Preparedness Checklist
    • Consensus statements on Multiple Patients Per Ventilator
    • Mechanical Ventilation Strategies


  • Advice for public and healthcare workers
  • Country and Technical Guidance
  • Situation Update
  • Research and Development
  • Scam Alert – cyber security

Our experience is that in times of disaster, that’s when our healthcare teams are at their best!  The more you’re needed, the deeper you dig into the ‘why’ you became a nurse, or lab technologist, or registration clerk, and all the other roles that support our healthcare teams – thanks isn’t enough but we do want to say it out loud.  Thanks for all you do and for all you’re doing – you are our heroes!

If you have any questions or concerns during this time, email riskmanagement@inspirien.net or reach out to your assigned Risk Management Consultant.

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*Article and resources contributed by the Inspirien Risk Management Consultants