You might hear the term “agile” around the water cooler when discussing software projects or between different software developers, but have you heard of businesses using this type of project management style in their own business and along their employees? Probably not.

Here at Inspirien we embrace what it means to be agile not just in our projects but in our strategy. What does agile management really mean anyway? Agile Project Management is taking an approach to managing projects that focus on continuous releases (or improvements) and combining customer (and vendor) feedback with every iteration (or update).

Inspirien’s Project Management Office (PMO) oversees the company’s strategic initiatives and leverages an Agile Project Management methodology to move us from idea to implementation.  We embrace what it means to continually improve our business for both our customers and our employees. We are not happy with “good enough” and want to continue to set targets that impact the business, one step at a time.

What is most amazing about an agile approach, is how everyone has a voice and can be heard to make these continuous improvements together within teams. Agile businesses tend to be growth focused, more streamlined and continually look for ways to improve their business. Inspirien, a manager of both insurance and funds, has seen tremendous growth over the past few years and we believe our commitment to an agile approach is a contributing factor to that success. To learn more about agile and improving your ability to meet the needs of your customers, click here.

Article contributed by Mary Gibson, Strategic Initiatives Implementation Director for Inspirien.