Inspirien’s mission is to be a remarkable partner for whatever risk lies ahead. More than a statement for a board room or a website, our mission is a criteria for which we measure every decision and relationship. Not only do we hold ourselves accountable, but we hold all of our vendors and partners to the same standard. A partnership by the Miriam-Webster definition is close cooperation between parties having joint rights and responsibilities. The very nature of a partnership is that you are not only entitled to receive something from another party, but you have a responsibility to support them as well.

One of our longest standing partnerships and one that certainly fits the definition described above is with the Alabama Hospital Association (AlaHA). We are a company that was formed by hospitals for hospitals; therefore, a partnership with their supporting organization, AlaHA, was not only a good business fit, but a partnership rooted in a similar vision of supporting the Alabama Hospital Community. There is obviously a financial arrangement between the two companies, but the relationship runs much deeper. We share a common passion for the healthcare of Alabamians and both want to ensure that Alabama hospital facilities continue to grow and remain viable entities in the communities they serve.

As AlaHA celebrates their 100th anniversary, we want to extend our congratulations to them and also thank them for being such a great partner to us. Dr. Don Williamson, President of AlaHA, serves as an ex-officio board member for the Healthcare Workers’ Compensation Fund (HWCF), a fund managed by Inspirien. Conversely, Inspirien’s CEO Margaret Nekic, is invited to attend all of AlaHA’s Board Meetings. This close connection ensures alignment between the two organizations. Additionally, many board members from Inspirien and HWCF have served as chairmen for the Hospital Association.

Please take a moment to enjoy the celebratory video from AlaHA. We are proud to see many of our customers and board members highlighted in this beautiful tribute. Congratulations, AlaHA! We look forward to a continued partnership as we collaborate together over the next 100 years.