Wanted to share a few reflective thoughts and takeaways from the OrigamiRisk Elevate 2022 User Conference that I, along with my colleague Mary Gibson, attended a couple of weeks ago.  To set the stage, the event was held in beautiful San Diego, California! The agenda included 3 full days and nights of advisory board meetings, new feature presentations and great networking. As a company growing at such a rapid pace, they’ve found a way to still be engaging for their customers of all shapes and sizes.

I can’t say enough about the solid partnership we’ve formed with this technology partner. As an early adopter and system user, we not only use them for their claim to fame in workers’ compensation, but have found them to be a great collaborator in building out the platform to support our medical professional liability product. We use the system for the obvious policy and claims engines, but we have also been able to leverage the platform as a CRM tool, including sales and risk consulting tracking. As a growing company, more than doubling our revenues in the past few years, we are always seeking ways to increase efficiency and improve the experience for both our customers and employees. As the company’s plans for growth continue to accelerate, we appreciate having a like-minded partner that is agile enough to meet us where we are today but innovative enough to support our vision for the future.

Inspirien’s Chief Business Officer, Brandon Driscoll, serves on the company’s Client Advisory Board, offering insight and guidance on new ways to support our business. With insurance remaining antiquated in so many ways, it’s exciting to be a contributor to solutions that aim to bring speed, transparency and simplicity to the process.

Contact us at inspirien.net and see how we can leverage this platform and other resources to support you in the management of your workers’ compensation and/or medical professional liability needs.

Article contributed by Kathy Freyman, Chief Innovation Officer for Inspirien.