It seems that almost weekly the news is announcing another business or prominent individual who has been hacked, spammed, or had their data held hostage. The alarming part of the story is when you find out how the perpetration occurred.  Most of the time a simple change of passwords or knowing not to hit any links in emails from unfamiliar sources would avoid many events.  The bottom line is “hackers” full-time job is to find a way to obtain the data they can profit from.  Interestingly hospitals have all the personal data a hacker can profit from.

So, how does a hospital or business stop such events from occurring?  The recent article from Modern Healthcare provides recommendations for Administrators, CFO’s, CIO’s, and Risk Managers to consider for building a strategy for protecting your patients’ data.  There are costs to protect, but the price of remediation includes the loss of reputation which is invaluable.

Another consideration is to obtain professional assistance in cyber risk management and remediation through Cyber Coverage. Many options are available.  The premiums are affordable considering the $402 cost (referenced in the article) to remediate a single hacked record.  Using this amount just 1,000 hacked records becomes a $40,000 cost.  Then start multiplying by the number of patient records in your databases.  The numbers get large fast.

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