Inspirien, a leading medical professional liability and workers’ compensation risk management company and insurer, is proud to be partnering with Hometown Health, a network of rural hospitals and healthcare providers primarily in Georgia.

Both with expertise in the rural healthcare market, we share a vision and commitment for these critical pieces of our healthcare infrastructure. Many of these hospitals not only offer critical access for these smaller communities, but they are also often the city’s largest employer.

“Inspirien strives to be a remarkable partner for whatever risk lies ahead by inspiring unique ideas and actions to manage our customer’s risk,” says CEO Margaret Nekic. She goes on to say, “Our niche is rural health, founded by hospitals and physicians in Alabama, so we know what they are up against. Our customers claim we are an extension of their staff. We are committed to that experience and look forward to doing the same as we expand in Georgia.”

Inspirien is designing unique programs specifically for Hometown Health’s member hospitals. Our goal is to do more than just provide insurance; we want to partner with them to help them improve their risk profile. This approach not only serves to keep insurance premiums manageable in a hardening market, but to help them improve the quality of care they deliver.

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