Risks are always changing and so should your coverage.

Inspirien, a prominent healthcare risk solutions provider, is always considering what emerging risks could impact the healthcare entities and providers it protects. Two such risks are cyber and sexual misconduct.

Cyber is not a new threat but it is a constantly evolving one. With bad actors always seeking new ways to permeate systems, it warrants protection. In years past, this was often an embedded coverage with minimal protection that did little to support an insured. Just meeting minimal requirements for a breach can set an organization back hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, having dedicated cyber protection is critical. Inspirien has partnered with Cowbell to provide this protective cover. What we like about them is their focus on prevention. Yes, they have a solid back-end cover, but they offer excellent upfront education to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Another risk of note is sexual misconduct. With coverage often excluded from many professional liability policies, it warrants a second look. Incidents related to sexual abuse/molestation have devastating repercussions for victims. For insureds, especially in the healthcare industry, they can result in expensive claims, negative press coverage and damaged reputations. Inspiren is pleased to offer this coverage through Amwins Global Risk, an expert in the industry that also includes risk management and risk prevention services in the policy.

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