Inspirien, in partnership with the Alabama Hospital Association, recently hosted an online leadership seminar, and the timing could not have been any better.  No doubt, this has been a year filled with many unexpected challenges.  People are looking for leaders now more than ever.  While some of the lessons learned from this session were things I’ve heard before, they seemed to resonate a little differently because of the things that transpired in 2020. Others were completely fresh perspectives altogether. 

Here are a few things I took away from the meeting:

  1. It’s the leader’s finest hour!  Our employees, patients, clients, partners, etc., are looking for real leadership. Many of the world’s greatest leaders are remembered as remarkable because of their example in the most challenging of times.
  2. It’s not about perfection or having all the answers. We’re not practicing authentic leadership if we’re not “real” and willing to express our vulnerabilities or admit that we, too, have some insecurities. It’s important that we know and live our values because we are not made in a crisis; we are revealed in one.
  3. We need to tap into our resilience muscle. It’s easy to get fatigued with so many things coming at us at once.  It’s important to find our way to recharge to be our best selves for others.

If you weren’t able to participate in the seminar but would still like to have some of the information and tools provided by Tasha Scott, speaker and leadership coach, you can find them below.