Montgomery, Alabama – Inspirien Insurance Company, a leading provider of professional and general liability coverage and workers’ comp insurance for the healthcare industry, has added Brandon Driscoll to its executive leadership team as Chief Business Officer (CBO).

Previously CFO and Treasurer for a workers’ compensation carrier, Driscoll brings experience from the insurance ‘start-up world’ to Inspirien in an effort to assist the company in its strategic efforts to differentiate and disrupt the insurance industry. With his previous employer, Driscoll was  an integral part of a $15M capital raising effort that saw the company acquire-then-launch a new worker’s comp carrier that today projects revenues of nearly $20 million in 2017.

At Inspirien, Driscoll will lead the Finance, Accounting, Underwriting, and Actuarial teams in efforts that underpin the company’s broader pursuit of organizational growth. Inspirien is activating multiple growth strategies as it seeks to diversify its product range and expand into new markets in an effort to gain market-share in the highly competitive business of healthcare risk financing.

“Inspirien is on the cusp of fully differentiating itself from other carriers in the healthcare space and our leadership team needed an entrepreneur who could contribute to our long-term ‘big picture’ vision,” said Margaret Nekic, Insprien’s President & CEO. “We were looking for someone who could maintain a constant view toward ROI, while also being innovative, bold, and smart in terms of taking strategic risks to better position the company for long-term success in a shifting marketplace. We found all of that in Brandon.”

Driscoll’s track record demonstrates his proven ability to build critical pathways to growth that are driven by the financial health of the organization. His career has included various leadership positions focused on financial operations, accounting, and statutory reporting with insurance carriers and underwriters. He considers his part in creating, operationalizing, and growing the new carrier to be one of his greatest professional accomplishments to-date.

“I see the Chief Business Officer role as the ‘Chief Implementation Offer,’ explains Driscoll. “The management team here at Inspirien has done an excellent job creating an entrepreneurial culture and laying the foundation for some very big and exciting strategic initiatives.  My role is to build on and support these efforts, to serve as a catalyst, helping put new ideas into motion and implement the financial structure necessary to support Inspirien’s entrepreneurial ambitions. The company already understands the coming shifts and pending disruptions in the insurance industry, and it’s facing those shifts head on. I’m excited to help to drive the company toward these new frontiers with an eye on profitability and long-term value creation.”