How To Create A Culture Of Risk Takers

August 13, 2020Uncategorized

Culture can be hard to pin down. It is dynamic and evolving, which are precisely the forces that also make it so powerful. Culture informs how people behave as individuals and in teams. When risk management plays a central role to your operations and success, as is the case in the medical field, creating a … Read More

How Hospitals Can Lower Their Risk While Maximizing Patient Safety

July 15, 2020Articles

Hospitals are bustling places where lives begin, end, and are saved. It takes many people in many dynamic roles to deliver care at the highest level. Care delivery is not without its risks but there are ways in which that risk can be mitigated, creating a safer environment for everybody. In a 2018 pilot study … Read More

How to Regard all Risk as Strategic

July 2, 2020Articles

Risk has quite an ominous reputation. According to Merriam Webster, risk is defined as the “possibility of loss or injury” or “something that creates or suggests a hazard.” Synonyms include “peril,” “hazard,” “gamble.” However, when it comes to Medical Malpractice and Workers Comp insurance, risk doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Its’ association has typically … Read More

Rethinking Risk In A Time of COVID-19

June 3, 2020Uncategorized

The world has been thrown a COVID-19 curveball and the healthcare system has been struggling to keep up. New modalities for care delivery are popping up everywhere and despite their ingenuity, must also continue to be effective, efficient, and safe, while being implemented at scale. Such new territory exposes major risks, including patient safety, public … Read More

COVID-19 Documentation Toolkit

May 7, 2020Resources, Uncategorized

Knowing it is imperative that you document the conditions under which you are working due to COVID-19, our Inspirien team has developed a COVID-19 Documentation Toolkit to provide guidance for you to memorialize the initiatives, actions and responses crucial to this unprecedented time. This guidance is provided for you to proactively prepare for the days … Read More

COVID-19 Documentation Language

April 30, 2020Resources

The Inspirien Team has been working collaboratively with the Alabama Hospital Association and other associations, along with expert legal counsel to protect the long term interest of our insureds, as well as all Alabama hospitals and healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, there are those that could be looking to capitalize on this crisis in terms of filing … Read More

Inspirien Welcomes Two Remarkable Leaders

April 21, 2020Press Release

Inspirien is a family of companies that offer protection, advocacy and guidance to help our customers manage the risks associated with doing business.  As the manager of a leading medical malpractice insurer and one of the strongest workers’ compensation funds in the state of Alabama, Inspirien is excited to announce its new operation’s leadership team. … Read More

3 things I learned from Inspirien’s Recent Medical Coding Hackathon

April 20, 2020Uncategorized

Inspirien recently hosted a medical coding hackathon where we offered medical coders the opportunity to earn $1,000 for coding 100 claims over a weekend.  The purpose was to test a technology currently under development for helping healthcare providers improve their ability to get paid.  Originally planned as an in-person event, it had to be moved … Read More

Inspirien Business Continuity Update – COVID-19

March 20, 2020Press Release

Inspirien Business Continuity Update – COVID-19 March 2020 As uncertainty continues around COVID-19, we know you are counting on us more than ever to maintain our steadfast commitment to service. We have a plan in place for continuity of business operations while still protecting the health and well-being of our customers, members, partners, employees, and all … Read More