I get asked all the time about how we came up with the name Inspirien.  Inspirien comes from the word inspiration…and I can tell you that it is alive and well in this organization.   I see it shine through in almost every interaction we have; whether that is with our customers, partners or among each other in the office.  We have achieved many great things and we are ecstatic to kick it up a notch as we move forward into Inspirien.

I am so proud to be a part of such a “Great Place to Work” – literally and figuratively.  We have a remarkable team of legends for employees who are key to the success we are achieving.  I always say that I work for them, because they are truly the champions and heroes for our customers every day.

I have witnessed some amazing situations during my time here.  I have seen creative ways to help our customers learn proactively so they are armed with the knowledge of what to do if an uncertain situation arises.  We have done mock trials, mock juries, training classes, seminars and just personal conversations talking through “What Ifs”.  We look at their risks and find solutions that fit them instead of just “rinse and repeat”.  Finally, we are right there next to them in case of an incident, claim or lawsuit.

Healthcare practitioners go into their field to help people and we take the same approach to helping them by having their back.  We try to make their lives easier and protect their reputation.