Inspirien Cyber Coverage
These days, data is an asset. Our cyber coverage protects your business against data breaches that can put that asset – and your customers’ personal information – at risk. From confidential customer or patient data to the data you use to run your business, information is a key component of the way we work. Cyber protections are what guarantee against data breaches, hacks, and data leaks.

Quick Coverage Overview

  • Covers bodily injury, reputational harm, and property damage
  • Often excluded from GL policies
  • Pick-and-choose modular coverage ensures you just get what you need
  • Free loss control education and training
  • Full post-breach crisis management help

Innovations in Cyber

Inspirien partnered with our clients to understand the growing need for cyber protection. Not only that, we went a step further. Whether it’s third party lawsuits, business interruption, extortion, or payment fraud, having protection around the valuable information that makes up your business day-to-day is an important part of risk management. We help our customers understand their risks and offer options for all businesses.

Especially for Healthcare Data
From confidential patient records to secure financial data, healthcare information is critical for reliable, informed patient care. It isn’t just your data, after all, it’s also your reputation. This is why we are a trusted partner in assessing your risk and helping you manage that risk. With roots in healthcare, it’s why our customers continually rely on us as a trusted resource for cyber protection.

To find out more about the cyber coverage available via Inspirien, contact us at (800) 821-9605.

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