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When claims happen you need to know that the support you deserve will be there. Our team of highly rated attorneys, and other consulting professionals, understand the issues at hand.

Whether it is a claim covered under medical malpractice or workers' compensation, the attorneys we work with have years of experience in handling lawsuits and claims for our insureds and members.

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 Alan Livingston

Lee, Livingston, Lee, Nichols & Barron, P.C.

"Their experience and knowledge base in both medical and legal matters sets them apart in being able to successfully support the defense of claims brought against their insureds."

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Bryan Smith

Partridge, Smith, P.C.

"[I] am committed to expanding my knowledge base and trial experience to help the protect doctors, nurses, and hospitals in their jobs to care for people here in Alabama."

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Mark Lee

Parson, Lee & Juliano, P.C.

"...they genuinely care about their client and are focused on winning the case."

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Terri Tompkins

Phelps, Jenkins, Gibson & Folwer, L.L.P.

"To Inspirien, the insureds are more than just clients and the legal teams that provide their outside defense counsel are more than just attorneys."

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