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Every time a patient enters your care or someone crosses your threshold, they bring risk with them. It’s our job to make sure you are secure with a range of products to cover every conceivable need: Hospital, Physician and Allied Medical Malpratice coverage, General Liability, Excess Liability, and even Cyber. We’re also the only insurer endorsed by the Alabama Hospital Association.

The result? Inspirien has all the coverage you need, for almost every possible situation, built specifically around how you work. Just as importantly, we’ve designed our coverage to give you true value and support. We spend our days thinking of ways to make your job easier. At times like these, isn’t that nice to know?


The following coverage is available through Inspirien Insurance Company:

Professional Liability (PL)

Protection against adverse events related to patient care.

General Liability (GL)

Protection against adverse events related to healthcare facilities.

Excess Liability (EL)

Protection that extends the limits of professional, general and employers' liability all under one umbrella.

Cyber Liability (CL)

Protection against adverse events related to the exchange and handling of data.

Inspirien provides Underwriting, Risk Management and Claims services to your business.
No one knows your risk management the way Inspirien does

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Founded by hospitals and doctors, so no one knows your risk the way we do.

Minimizing risk by keeping you informed on the impacts of new regulations

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From minimizing risk at your business to keeping you posted on the impacts of new regulations, we cover that, too.

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Risk Management

Our expertise and ongoing education efforts can help you minimize risk that jeopardizes your future.


If and when claims do arise, count on nothing less than thorough, vigorous advocacy on your behalf.

Driven by results.

We were founded by hospitals and doctors for the purpose of protecting and defending healthcare providers such as you. So every product, every decision, every conversation is based on one question: “How can we provide a remarkable relationship to our customers?”

Need proof? Ask enough of our customers, and you’ll hear some amazing stories. How we helped them to meet regulatory compliance. How their operations benefitted. How their bottom line improved. That’s what happens when you work with an organization that thinks as much about your success as its own.

Inspirien protects and defends our healthcare providers.


We partner with some outstanding professionals to ensure you get the best results possible.


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