Underwriting that treats you just as well as you treat your patients.

Policies to meet the needs of healthcare clients. Delivered with incomparable value and results.


Let’s start with the fundamentals. A policy should make you feel more secure about your future. That means it should be underwritten with your interests in mind, not just our bottom line. This is true more than ever in the turmoil in today’s healthcare environment. That’s why we’re the only professional liability insurer endorsed by the Alabama Hospital Association.

We approach risk differently, looking beyond the standard application template to consider your business and your needs. That means an individualized approach to every customer’s unique set of circumstances. What’s more, this approach is reflected in the way we serve you, long after your policy has gone into effect.

Our clients deserve to have someone looking out for them. Ongoing communication, quick response, education and shared goals; we think that is how you should be insured.

If there is a claim, Inspirien is there with support and advocacy


When claims arise, we’re there with support and advocacy. Plus our emphasis on preventive measures can help you avoid claims in the first place.

When tragedy happens it shouldn't put you out of business, Inspirien keeps you safe.

Just in case

When the worst happens, it shouldn't put you out of business. We can structure limits to keep your business safe.


We can assist you with all of your coverage needs. One call does it all.

Risk Management

Our expertise and ongoing education efforts can help you minimize risk that jeopardizes your future.


If and when claims do arise, count on nothing less than thorough, vigorous advocacy on your behalf.


We partner with some outstanding professionals to ensure you get the best results possible.


We make everything easier. Case in point? Here’s easy access to the most frequently-needed applications.

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