Tireless advocacy to protect your rights and reputation.


When a claim arises, we treat it fairly and professionally. At the same time, we treat it with the concern it’s due. For a claim that doesn’t receive the right attention could cause damage to your company, your reputation, and your financial future.

At all times, you can rely on Inspirien to be thorough in its research and investigation. Our team will interview your staff, review the records, analyze the allegations in the claims, and recommend a strategy for you.

We will defend and negotiate vigorously on your behalf. It’s why so many customers depend on us today. Because while it’s easy to be there for customers when things are going well, our job is to be there for you when they’re not.

The first hint of a problem our expert advice with a claim could make a big difference.

When a claim arises, don’t panic

Our customers know to call at the first hint of a problem. Our expert advice in those first crucial days of a claim could make a big difference.

Inspirien's knowledge of both law and medicine helps us create the most effective strategy for you.

We dig for answers. And unearth solutions

The depth of our knowledge in both law and medicine means we’ll evaluate the claim thoroughly. Which helps us create the most effective strategy for you.

Our network of highly-rated law firms represent the best Alabama has to offer, working for you.

The team you want

Our network of highly-rated law firms represent the best our state has to offer. And they’ll be working for you.


We can assist you with all of your coverage needs. One call does it all.

Risk Management

Our expertise and ongoing education efforts can help you minimize risk that jeopardizes your future.


If and when claims do arise, count on nothing less than thorough, vigorous advocacy on your behalf.


 We partner with some outstanding professionals to ensure you get the best results possible.


We make everything easier. Case in point? Here’s easy access to the most frequently-needed applications.

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