Insurance Policies for Physicians

While you’re focused on treating patients, let us focus on protecting you. Our policies take a holistic approach, protecting you not only from the risks associated with patient care, but also includes limited cyber and defense coverage at no additional charge.

We also want to help ensure you never have a claim to begin with, so we provide you with pro-active risk management services, including classes, consultations, and surveys. Our classes are free of charge, accredited by the Alabama Board of Nursing, and offer continuing education credit for registered nurses. Additionally, we know it can be challenging to stay on top of those required CME activities, so we offer a variety of online CME courses on topics from proper documentation to medication safety. You’ll earn a 1% discount on next year’s premium [up to 5%] for each class you complete.

Do you have admitting privileges at one of our partner hospitals? If so, you qualify for an additional 10% discount. Contact us today to learn more.

Apply Online

To apply online click on the link below.
Have Questions? Call us and we can help.

Base coverage includes:

  • Coverage limits $1M/$3M
  • Limited cyber endorsement
  • Risk management support
  • CME classes
  • Office employees
  • Unlimited defense
  • Insured consent to settle

Additional options for purchase:


Insured members click on the button below to access the continuing education portal.

NOTE: For Group Physician Coverage, please contact us.


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