Margaret M. Nekic


Margaret came to Inspirien with a mission in mind: Change how the healthcare industry approaches risk. She sought to achieve that goal through a dynamic, innovative environment that keeps customers at the heart of all Inspirien does.

In a very short time, she’s come a long way in fulfilling that vision. Inspirien offers a fresh, problem-solving energy, all within a living value system. That means a far greater level of engagement with customers, employees, and partners alike. All because one person chose to make the traditional hierarchical business model obsolete and new thinking supreme. This transformation is beginning to be recognized from within, resulting in the Inspirien team becoming certified as a “Great Place to Work” since 2015.

Margaret’s twenty years in the industry range from mid-sized companies to Fortune 500s, but she had her humble beginnings in a small entrepreneurial family business. That diverse business experience has molded her vision of a different business model, one that places Innovation, Operations, and Business Economics on an equal footing. The result? A dynamic, customer-centered company that’s ready to help you face whatever challenges the future holds.

Leading Us

Meet Inspirien’s management team. Industry veterans who think about possibilities, not probabilities.

Margaret M. Nekic

Douglas B. Hughes
Chief Operating Officer

Kathy Freyman 
Chief Innovation Officer

Brandon Driscoll
Chief Business Officer

Dawn Adams
Senior VP Operations