Douglas B. Hughes, JD

Chief Operating Officer

Experience matters. As an accomplished healthcare attorney, Doug has years of experience, both as a client and as part of the legal advisory team that helped launch the company. So you can say that Doug knows Inspirien, its customers, and the industry’s legal climate both inside and out.

Doug’s unique perspective means successful new business solutions within the highly regulated healthcare and insurance industries. As Inspirien’s COO, he puts that knowledge to work for you every single day in claims administration, implementation, legal and regulatory compliance, and risk management.

At the same time, Doug likes helping customers tackle the big problems. Whether it’s business process improvement or simply suggesting refinements, our customers rely on Doug’s guidance every day.

Our Leadership

Meet Inspirien’s management team. Industry veterans who think about possibilities, not probabilities.

Margaret M. Nekic

Douglas B. Hughes
Chief Operating Officer

Kathy Freyman 
Chief Innovation Officer

Brandon Driscoll
Chief Business Officer

Dawn Adams
Senior VP Operations