Brandon Driscoll

Chief Business Officer

In a company where innovation is our watchword, entrepreneurship is vital. That’s why Brandon Driscoll, our Chief Business Officer, plays such an important part of Inspirien’s efforts to transform the industry.

Previously CFO of a workers' compensation carrier, Brandon brings a wealth of experience from the insurance ‘start-up world’. He has over 10 years in roles of highly visible insurance and risk-related business ventures, including legal, transactional (M&A), operational, and financial management.

Today Brandon leads our Finance, Accounting, Underwriting, and Actuarial teams, bringing energy and problem-solving focus to your needs. In an industry that’s changing by the day, Brandon represents our agility and drive to ensure profitability and long-term value creation. At the same time, Brandon’s energy is just one of the many ways we seek ever-increasing levels of performance and effectiveness for you.

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Brandon Driscoll
Chief Business Officer

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