We’re inspiring ideas to approach risk differently.

The insurance business isn’t usually known for innovation. We’re out to change that. With new initiatives. With new thinking. With a purpose in mind: To stop focusing on us and to help you enjoy a brighter, more certain future.

How? By focusing on what our customers do right, not what they do wrong. Ensuring we’re a partner in delivering the very best possible care, not standing in your way. To us, that’s the future. The way we see it, we don’t tell you how to run your company. We just help you insure it.

Your future and ours?
One and the same.

Hospitals and physicians founded us as a way to help manage the rising cost of malpractice insurance. As a result, thinking of your interests at all times isn’t just something we say. It’s why we exist.

That’s also why more companies like yours are trusting Inspirien. We answer the business challenges you face with true long-term solutions. That’s what happens when your insurance company has a stake in your success. Not just your premium.

Inspirien helps hospitals and physicians.

A history of solutions.

We were founded with a spirit that has never left. In our halls you’ll meet people who have been serving our customers for almost as long as the company has been open.

While healthcare has changed, one thing has decidedly not: Our insistence on providing the highest level of attention to our customers, regardless of size, regardless of need. Funny how looking ahead requires such a time-honored approach.

An agent of change in insurance.

Our name is new. So is our mission to offer a new, broader approach to risk mitigation. So if you’re tired of the same solutions to new problems, isn’t it time for you to learn what we’re about? 

Let’s have a conversation about your future. Let’s talk about the challenges you face, and how long-term thinking can make a difference for the better. Because in times like these, inspired thinking is the very best product we can offer.


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