We empower you with knowledge and confidence.

Today, risk drives so much of healthcare and how you operate. Yet it’s often hard to keep up with changes in laws and regulation. That’s where we come in.

We’ll help you navigate a changing landscape. We bring timely information to you. Come to us with problems and we can offer an experienced opinion. All to help you protect patients, staff, and the bottom line.

So when it comes to preventing incidents, an ounce of Inspirien goes a very long way.

Inspirien’s educational programs give you real-world advice in healthcare best practices.

Information - Lots of it!

Seminars - Newsletters - Phone Calls - Associations - Tool Kits. Our finger is on the pulse of a changing regulatory environment. And we find ways to get this critical information to you in actionable ways. 

At the same time, we’re in the relationship business. So if you need us on-site to evaluate or to make recommendations, just say the word. The way we see it, if we can invest in ways for our customers to reduce risk, that’s always a smart business decision.

The expert opinions you need.

Worried that you’re overlooking risk? Our Risk Management Consultants will ferret out the issues you aren’t seeing, preventing big problems down the road. Our representatives can analyze performance, give performance benchmarks, and offer solutions. Plus we are always available to answer your day-to-day questions. Because personal attention is what we deliver every day.

We find problems - Solve them, too.

If you’re treating patients successfully, then you’re doing a great job. We just make sure that small issues don’t become big ones. We collaborate, develop a plan, and check in to see your progress. Most importantly of all, we’ll do it with kindness, a sense of shared goals, and celebration of our success. Hey, that’s how you treat your patients. And it’s the way we treat you, too.

Inspirien stays abreast of the rapid changes in the healthcare industry

You take care of patients. We stay abreast of the rapid changes in the healthcare industry.

If you need us on-site to assess risk, Inspirien can help

Sometimes there’s no substitute for being there. If you need us on-site to assess risk, just ask. It’s part of your coverage.

Knowledge of medicine and law, Inspirien looks at your exposure from both sides

With our knowledge of medicine and law, we can look at your exposure from both sides. And offer a cure.

Loss control experts stand ready to help our clients

Loss control experts and other staff stand ready to help. We're committed to prompt, accurate answers to your questions.

Inspirien offers ways to manage risk in large and small ways

We offer ways to manage risk in ways large and small, from seminars to person-to-person education on site.

The more we reduce your risk, the lower we keep premiums

The way we see it, the more we reduce your risk, the lower we keep your premiums. And who doesn’t like that?


Part mission. Part passion. All success.

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