We’re there when your reputation is at stake.

Claims might happen. Yet, it’s your integrity, competency, professionalism, and standing in the community under attack. So if a claim arises, we are your voice and champion to defend your rights. Ask us to go to the wall on your behalf, and we will. 

With our network of attorneys, you enjoy the most vigorous possible defense for your company and your reputation. So when we commit to fighting for our customers rights, everybody wins.

The tenacity you deserve.

There are few places worse to be than the receiving end of a lawsuit.  Far beyond the risk to your company, there is the lack of certainty. What happens next? What are your options? What is the best strategy to pursue? 

While this event might be rare for you, our experience will get you through it. We promise a vigorous defense that begins with a thorough exploration of the claim in question, digging for answers and understanding every facet of the case. That way, when it comes time to defend your claim, we’re ready. Because preparation means an informed strategy. In turn, that means the kind of defense you deserve. 

The Inpsirien team is experts in law and healthcare.

Knowledge is Power.

Our team of experts in law and healthcare know where to look on every claim. We dig deep. We ask the right questions. We recommend strategies. Most of all, we offer support and encouragement when you need it most.

Most of all, we give this level of attention, regardless of the size of the facility. After all, every claim is important to you. So it’s important to us.

The Verdict?
True partnership with you.

We don’t believe in shortcuts – in defending you or in delivering value. So while our posture of energetic defense means more work in the short term, it means better results for customers in claim after claim.

That also means stronger partnerships, too. After all, if we’re there for you in the courtroom no matter what, we know you’ll be our partner for a long time to come.

Call on Inspirien and rely on our expertise

Call on us, and you rely on our expertise – legal, medical, operational and investigative.

Inspirien has relationships with highly-rated attorneys

We enjoy relationships with highly-rated attorneys. So you can enjoy the best possible representation.

Inspirien's defense is crafted by top legal team

Your defense is crafted by a legal team, not the accounting department. Regardless of your size, we fight on your behalf.

In-depth investigation of every aspect of your case

Our healthcare background means in-depth investigation of every aspect of your case.

Inspirien communicate clearly at all times

It can be a confusing process. So we communicate clearly at all times. Just as importantly, we listen to you.

We seek the very best outcome for you

At the end of the day, we seek the very best outcome for you, rather than our bottom line. 

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