Owned by customers. Something we have never forgotten.

Inspirien is set apart by our customer relationships.

People You Know. 
With a New Name and Vision. 

Customer relationships have always set us apart. But the Inspirien name means inspiration and innovation in products that match the solutions-driven culture you’ve always trusted.

After all, we only succeed when you succeed. With so much changing in healthcare, rely on us to be always at your side with insights and fresh thinking.

Relationships Matter

Less a company, more a set of relationships and conversations. That’s how we define ourselves. The proof is found in the customers who have been with us since we started. The people behind your policy offer a great deal more than a friendly face. Instead, we provide the crucial support you need every day. How?

Ongoing Advice and Support


Risk Management

Patient Education

Ongoing Training

Healthcare Workers Compensation



A Helping Hand

Leading Us

Meet Inspirien’s management team. Industry veterans who think about possibilities, not probabilities.

Margaret M. Nekic Inspirien President/CEO

Margaret M. Nekic

Douglas B. Hughes Inspirien Chief Operating Officer

Douglas B. Hughes
Chief Operating Officer

Kathy Freyman Inspirien Chief Innovation Officer

Kathy Freyman 
Chief Innovation Officer

Dawn Adams Inspirien Senior VP Operations

Brandon Driscoll
Chief Business Officer

Dawn Adams Inspirien Senior VP Operations

Dawn Adams
Senior VP Operations

Our Promise

In a word? Partnership. In two words? Remarkable partnership. Every day, in every single conversation and decision, our sole question is ‘How do our customers benefit?’ In practical terms, that means thorough research. Giving you the information you need to plan for the future and head off risk. Defending you against claims. And making certain that your future is secure.

After all, if you’re a customer, you’re our partner. The way we see it, partners look out for one another.

Inspirien is a remarkable partner.


Inspired Ideas. That's Inspirien.

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