How Hospitals Can Lower Their Risk While Maximizing Patient Safety

July 15, 2020Articles

Hospitals are bustling places where lives begin, end, and are saved. It takes many people in many dynamic roles to deliver care at the highest level. Care delivery is not without its risks but there are ways in which that risk can be mitigated, creating a safer environment for everybody. In a 2018 pilot study … Read More

How to Regard all Risk as Strategic

July 2, 2020Articles

Risk has quite an ominous reputation. According to Merriam Webster, risk is defined as the “possibility of loss or injury” or “something that creates or suggests a hazard.” Synonyms include “peril,” “hazard,” “gamble.” However, when it comes to Medical Malpractice and Workers Comp insurance, risk doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Its’ association has typically … Read More