We believe in relationships. Let us introduce you to the people around your policy.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Jerry Higgins

Jerry is our Solutions Architect for the Inspirien Holding Corporation, the resident database guy. He feels
the people at Inspirien are the best to work with. There is a high level of trust between all the different levels in the organization that makes it different than any other company.

Fun fact about Jerry: he won the state championship for Juvenile Racking Horses at the age of 15.

Inspirien employee Spotlight

Leading Us

Meet Inspirien’s management team. Industry veterans who think about possibilities, not probabilities.

Inspirien Margaret M. Nekic President/CEO

Margaret M. Nekic

Inspirien Douglas B. Hughes Chief Operating Officer

Douglas B. Hughes
Chief Operating Officer

Inspirien Kathy Freyman Chief Innovation Officer

Kathy Freyman 
Chief Innovation Officer

Inspirien Dawn Adams Senior VP Operations

Dawn Adams
Senior VP Operations

People Around Your Policy